See Ya, Cleggy

Peter Sallis: 1921 – 2017

I was sad to see that Peter Sallis passed away on June 2nd.  I didn’t discover Last of the Summer Wine till right about the time the show ended.  But I absolutely loved it and have since managed to see just about every episode.  It’s one of a few shows I can watch over and over again and never get tired of it.


Dracula’s Coffin


Last Of The Summer Wine
Series 3, Episode 7: “Isometrics and After” (1976)

Summer Wine Sunday

“Some of us look at a view like this and all we can see is how bonny it is.  But if you concentrate and listen, then soon, faintly on the breeze you begin to sense the million munching teeth of tiny things scoffing even tinier things.  Depression could be a sort of major art form.  There’s so much raw material for it.”

Last Of The Summer Wine
S2E3: The Changing Face of Rural Blamire

Summer Wine Sunday

“All this time I thought my right eye was failing, it’s been an old treacle toffee in my glasses pocket.  It’s one of the less common eye diseases, treacle toffee.  I wonder how they would have cured me if I hadn’t discovered it in time?  Massive injections of wine gums?”

Last Of The Summer Wine
S1E5: The New Mobile Trio