The Fairacre Festival


We had quite the stormy start to the weekend and the wind howling outside provided the perfect backdrop to Miss Read’s The Fairacre Festival.

“The first day of October brings an unheralded and violent storm, which whips through Fairacre, blowing down trees and telephone poles — and, worst of all, damaging the roof of St. Patrick’s Church. The inhabitants of tiny Fairacre can’t imagine how they will be able to afford the repairs, until Mr. Willett suggests a fundraising festival. Preparations for a food sale, a concert, a school play, and a gigantic Christmas bazaar are soon made — but will they be enough? With her customary humor and grace, Miss Read recounts a story of catastrophe and courage.” 

This is the 6th book, and shortest so far, in her Fairacre series.  It didn’t take long to finish (the storm lasted longer than it did) but I really enjoyed it!  Her writing style is so beautiful and descriptive that it is easy to picture the little village of Fairacre.  I only discovered this series a couple of years ago and it didn’t take long for Miss Read to become my favorite author!

The Fairacre Festival by Miss Read
Published by Houghton Mifflin (2007), 103 pages


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