J. Jefferson Farjeon

I had not heard of J. Jefferson Farjeon before I read Mystery In White.  But I really enjoyed reading it and decided to learn a little more about the author.  Here’s some of what I found out:

Joseph Jefferson was born in London during the 1880’s to Benjamin Farjeon and Maggie Jefferson.  His father was a Victorian novelist and there are quite a few mysteries among the 50+ books he wrote.  His mother was the daughter of American actor Joseph Jefferson, whose stage career spanned almost his entire life!

J. Jefferson worked for the Amalgamated Press in London for 10 years before turning his attention to his plays and novels. For many years, his play Number 17 was probably his most well-known work. It was adapted several times in to films, most notably Alfred Hitchcock’s version in 1932.   Number 17 was also turned into a novel in 1939 for the Penguin Crime Series.

He was as prolific a writer as his father was with over 80 novels and plays to his name.  Over the years many of J. Jefferson’s works had been forgotten but it looks like that is starting to change!  The British Library has reprinted three of his books: Mystery In White, Thirteen Guests and The Z Murders and the Collins Crime Club will be releasing quite a few as well.  I’m really looking forward to reading more of his books!  If you’ve read any of his books I’d love to know what you thought about them!


(Here’s an interesting article on the popularity of Mystery In White)


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