Tuesday Tea


Today’s Tea:  One of my favorite teas growing up was Lipton’s Amaretto black tea.  Actually, that was pretty much the only tea I drank.  I loved it!  I guess they stopped making it though because I haven’t been able to find it for a long time.  So I was really excited to see an Amaretto tea from Bencheley’s in a store a few months ago.  I made a cup as soon as I got home… and I was a little disappointed.    The tea was good, but just not as good as Liptons… or as good as I remember it being.  Time sometimes has a funny affect on memory.  Really, they might actually taste pretty similar!  And when I’m not comparing it to something else, Bencheley’s Amaretto tea is quite enjoyable!

From The Canister: Brewing Hints – Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil.  Place one tea bag in cup and pour boiling water over the bag.  Allow to steep for three to five minutes.  Serve piping hot or cool and pour over ice for a delicious refreshing drink.

Ingredients: Black tea with artificial flavor


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