A Book By Its Cover

I  was wandering through the bookcases at Borders (I really miss them) one day a few years ago when one book in particular caught my eye.  I was intrigued by the cover design and even more intrigued by the title.  Since I wasn’t there to buy anything specifically I decided to go ahead and get it.  As interesting as the book looked, when I arrived home it was doomed to be added to my To Read pile.  (Well, it used to be a pile… now it’s just wherever I can find room for it around the house.)  About a year passed before I finally got around to reading it but once I started I couldn’t put it down.  I kept thinking to myself, “You should have read this sooner!”

The City Of Dreaming Books

The City Of Dreaming BooksI typically don’t read fantasy books, but this one certainly got my attention.  As soon as it was finished, I checked to see what else Walter Moers had written and read The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear and A Wild Ride Through The Night (which features illustrations from Gustave Dore).  I didn’t like them as much as The City Of Dreaming Books but they were certainly enjoyable to read.  I’ve also bought The Alchemaster’s Apprentice, but that is still waiting in the To Read pile.

What I’m really excited about is the sequel to The City Of Dreaming Books, The Labyrinth Of Dreaming Books which will be released in English in November.  I’m hoping it’s every bit as good as the first one!



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