Up McIntosh Lane

I love to read and I have for as long as I can remember.  A good deal of my youth was spent behind the pages of a Good Book.  Rediscovering Vera the Mouse this week reminded me of a book I loved to read when I was younger:  Miss Hickory by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.  I don’t have all the books from my Younger Days, but this is one I made a point to keep.  Like Vera the Mouse, the leading lady in this story knows how to dress well.  However, Miss Hickory is a little unusual:

“As a matter of fact Miss Hickory had difficulty in turning her head.  It was a hickory nut that had grown with an especially sharp and pointed nose.  Her eyes and mouth were inked on.  Her body was an apple-wood twig formed like a body with two arms and two legs, hands and feet, as twigs sometimes grow.  To this body Miss Hickory’s nut head was glued.”

Miss Hickory

Bailey is wonderfully descriptive and really brings the characters and their homes to life.  But what makes this Extra Special is the illustrations by Ruth Gannett.  Even now, I still like to pull this book off the shelf every once in awhile just to look at the pictures.


Revisiting this book and others from my Younger days is like catching up with a childhood friend: it brings to mind lots of good memories!

Mr. T. Willard-Brown


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